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and a little bit of online nostalgia

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One day in 1992, my wife (we'd been married about six months) called me at work at around 11 AM and said, "Sweetie, you should come home for lunch today."

"Okay. Why?"

"Just... trust me on this."

So, at noon I drove home, wondering what was up, and she had lunch waiting for me on a tray on the living room floor. She sat me down to eat, picked up the remote control, and hit Play on the VCR, and a pretty girl was on the TV screen, wearing nothing but a diaper below the waist, uncomfortably but bravely explaining her fetish to some dumb-ass interviewer I'd never heard of before named Jerry Springer. My wife never watched talk shows, but she'd randomly flipped channels at just the right moment, caught the beginning of this one, and immediately started taping it for me.

Some of the show was stupid. There was one guy on who was either an idiot or he'd been lied to about what the panel was discussing (or most likely, both). He kept vociferously arguing against things no one else was advocating--clearly the producers had only put this guy on the show because they wanted a fight to break out. But most of the guests were fine, and that girl at the beginning, as nervous as she obviously was, just knocked my socks off with her composure and grace. (I've always kinda wished I could meet her and tell her so.) Other guests included Tommy from DPF, and the late HeidiLynn.

I still have the tape somewhere, but it's been years since I watched it. But then yesterday I found out that the show has been put online, right here!

We've sure come a long way since then. The web existed in 1992 but hardly anyone had heard of it. alt.sex.fetish.diapers didn't exist yet, even the #dpf IRC group hadn't started up by then. So many people still thought they were completely alone in the world. That show must have done a lot of people a lot of good, even with the idiotic parts. It was very nice to see it again.

(Except for the 1992 hairstyles. In God's name, what were we all thinking?)
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